Evaluating Your Present Service

It is getting harder to run a business in today’s economy?  Where can a business get help in this challenging environment?  To rate your service, please review the following critical questions:

  1. Do you feel your present service is an investment in your business?
  2. Is your firm forthcoming with tax savings ideas?
  3. Are you waiting until the end of the year to discuss tax planning?
  4. Do you feel you may have outgrown your present services, resources, or expertise?
  5. Have you ever been penalized for payroll or sales tax violations
  6. Is your firm using Your bookkeeping to prepare financials/taxes?
  7. Have you ever been surprised by an unexpected tax bill?
  8. Are you performing tasks that take you away from generating revenue?

If you are not satisfied with the answers you chose on this evaluation, you may not be receiving all of the help you need to be as successful as you can be.

As an open-minded business owner, it would make sense to allow our office to schedule a short meeting to discuss your business and how our services may help you achieve your goals.

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